About Pincushion

<핀쿠션Pincushion> a cross-stitch design brand born from the of Namgung Jung-hee, a  illustrator and  picture book writer.

 The reason why illustrator started cross-stitch design,

I often use embroidery or miniature techniques when drawing, and I came to like the process of sewing. So I came up with the idea that I want to make a picture just for embroidery.

 Founded in 2019, the brand logo of <핀쿠션Pincushion> embodies a pincushion protea flower, and the flower language is Success.

We hold trademark rights for embroidery designs and prints, and have also applied for trademark rights for digital files in 2023.


Pincushions goal is to inspire customers to experience craftsmanship, share a sense of achievement and satisfaction, and communicate through the process of creating cross-stitch works.

Join us on this peaceful journey, where you can indulge in the art of cross-stitch and discover the tranquility it brings.

 What is <Pincushion Pick>?

This is a project to create cross-stitch designs of the works of several artists selected by Pincushion.

The main character of the first collaboration of 2023 is the UK's famous watercolorist and illustrator Mary Woodin's watercolor essay published in 2017 <draw to the country> Among the works, we are producing a cross-stitch design through the official license.

And in 2024, British toy designer and illustrator Justin Worsley's charming character works will be available as cross-stitch designs.

We are dedicated to continuously presenting you with New designs through our collaborations with these captivating artists. Stay tuned as we unveil various patterns that will captivate your heart .

Drawn to the Country

This book is a collection of her watercolor works documenting a year she spent in Suffolk, England.

Suffolk's nature, small city buildings, seaside landscapes, wild flowers and plants, and the people of Suffolk are documented as if in a diary.

Enjoy the beautiful Mary Woodin's work in a book, and enjoy embroidery with the cross-stitch designs made with her paintings.

You can feel the sensibility that Mary Woodin felt in Suffolk during the time to complete every corner of the work with embroidery.


Since moving to the country just over a decade ago I have been compelled to record the beauty I find in the every-day, as the seasons come and go, and for a few years now, I have been sharing my thoughts and sketches on rural life through this blog.

I am, however, also a big fan of printed matter, of proper books with paper pages that can you can flick through over morning coffee. Books that will spend an evening with you on the sofa, lodge by your bedside or cheer up a good friend.

With this in mind, I'm really excited to announce the publication of DRAWN TO THE COUNTRY.

<Mary woodin blog text>


"I paint, make, cook and grow in a lovely corner of Suffolk. Join me...."

Mary Woodin